Titan Ti-7800 is a massage chair with zero gravity technology and outer shoulder massage feature, latest edition from Titan Chair Technology. Equipped with various massage features, this remote controlled chair is easy to use with various given options that offer maximum leverage in massaging techniques. Reasonably priced body massage unit is an excellent companion for those people who go for regular massages.

Titan Ti-7800 Full-Body Massage Chair
Titan Ti-7800 Full-Body Massage Chair
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Titan Ti-7800 Specifications

  • Brand: Osaki
  • Model: Ti-7700
  • Massage Tracking: 21.65 inches
  • Angle of laying: 100- 158 degrees
  • Angle of footrest: 0 -147 degrees
  • Time setting: 5-30 minute automatic power off time
  • Upright position: 28.74 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches (WxHxD)
  • Reclined position: 28.74 x 70.87 x 70.87 inches (WxHxD)
  • Machine Weight: 181 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 year

Why this massage chair

Before you think about buying a massage chair, try to learn about the advantage of having a massage chair at your home rather than paying regular visits to massage parlors. Massage chair reviews shred more light on various advantages of having a Titan Ti-7800 massage chair at home. The Zero Gravity massage magic chair Titan Ti-7800 has outstanding features that give you a good reason why you should go for this massage chair. Similarly other features such as arm massager that can massage your arm even the chair is in its maximum reclined position without stretching your arm and Thai stretch massage cycle which does a rhythmic cycling of massage is a decisive factor for selecting Titan Ti-7800. Innovative massage features such as head massager, lower lumbar heat system, adjustable foot and calf massage system are also some of the best reasonable deciding factors in favor of Titan Ti-7800. This massage chair is also supported with 3 year defective manufacturing, which is certainly a boost to add to the confidence of customers.

Titan Ti-7800 Features

This massage chair comes with many improvised feature to provide maximum massage pleasure to the users. Equipped with the latest Titan Chair technology with zero gravity positioninghead massage unit and outer massage facilities the unit is all set to offer you the best relieving experience. Let us go through its features and specifications bellow.

Zero gravity

The special design features allows the legs at or above the heart level to give you the zero gravity experience. This feature is only available with Titan Ti-7800 and Titan Ti-7700 Massage Chair.

Lower lumbar heat

The lower back region of the massage chair is provided with 2 built-in Lumbar heaters to give soft heating sensation.

Head air massage

Head massager unit is the specialty of Titan Ti-7800. The forehead portion of the head massager is supported with an airbag band and when operated prompts to apply gentle squeeze experience as if done with palms of the hand pressing down.

Arm massage

There are four arm massagers in Titan Ti-7800 supported with 8 air bags. They are positioned in such a way that they provide gentle massage to the forearms and the wrist portion. This massage can be experienced with the help of remote control, by inflating and deflating the airbags automatically to give the best experience of massaging by hand.

Foot and calf massage

The massage section in this portion is fitted with 16 air bags. Each air bag is precisely engineered to create real time massage impact on the vital muscles in that area. The action of inflation and deflation is generated to feel and experience the original hand massage. The intensity of the massage actions can be remotely controlled.

Friendly remote control

The remote control console in Titan Ti-7800 is designed to accommodate various massage actions of the massage chair. The remote is extremely easy to operate and is provided with visual signs for easy understanding. The design of the remote is very much accommodative within your hand due to firm grip tracks.

Thai stretch massage

This is a cycle of massages with various actions of massage stimulations. The leg portions of the massage chair can be moved down and the back portion is in a reclining position continuously. The lower portions are massaged by rollers. The leg portions are moved down completely and the back rest area is reclined to full position. The lower mid section is continuously massaged by the rollers. The leg portion lifted upward and back rest portion continues to recline. The mid area is massaged vigorously with rollers. These actions are repeated continuously.

Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair
Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair
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Intelligent Arm Design

Unique intelligent arm design makes Titan Ti-7800 different from the rest of massage chairs. In most of the massage chairs the arm massage unit is in a stationery position always. With this chair, you can have your arm massaged without stretching your arms even the chair is in a reclined position. The distance of the arm massager can be adjusted according to the position of the chair.

Intelligent leg and calf massage

Unique design makes it possible to do required adjustment to create the right position to massage air bags along your legs length. Having so, the air bags get to the required contact position of the massaging areas.

6 Different massage styles

The Titan Ti-7800 is engineered to provide 6 different types of massages. They are kneading, taping, kneading and taping, shiatsu, palm and punching. Users have the option to select the required style as per their choice.

4 Preset programs

The preset programs allow having 4 different set of programs which can be selected from Weightless, Neck and Waist, Night time and Stretching features. The intensity of the massage can be selected by using the remote as per individual choice.


  • The Zero Gravity massage magic is the main advantage of Titan Ti-7800.
  • Heating system provided in the back region is certainly a good thing.
  • Arm massage, foot and calf massage system gives the unit a full body massage unit title.
  • The head air massage system is meant to provide a satisfactory personalized massage experience, as well.


  • Being a bulky chair, it consumes space to store when not in use.
  • It may be heavier for some people; hence moving around to different locations may be a difficult task.
Titan Ti-7800
Titan Ti-7800
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The Zero Gravity massage chair, Titan Ti7800, with the advanced features of Lumbar heat system and arm, calf and foot massage function is considered as one of the perfect massage chairs. Considering the health benefits assured by the product overshadows the cost factor and definitely a best investment when looking from the advantage of good health and healthy life style point!

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