The Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY, S-Track, Total Heating Massage Chair is ranked among some of the top line massage chairs and is known for its robust long massage roller. It is quite famous for deep tissue massage, Thai stretch program and head massage offered with its 46 airbag system. For all those who are in need of a deep tissue therapy, this massage chair would be perfect for them. This stylish chair will fit in to both modern and classy furniture at your home. These and other advancements offered here makes this chair a diverse product that is designed to give health benefits to different users with different health problems.

Osaki OS-7075R S-Track Massage Chair
Osaki OS-7075R S-Track Massage Chair
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Osaki OS-7075R Specifications

  • Dimensions: 57 x 34 x 52 inches
  • Machine Weight: 230 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Programs: 6 Preset Healthcare Programs
  • Motors: 13 powerful motors
  • S- Track Intelligent 4 Roller system
  • Vertical Massage Extra Long Range: 31 inches
  • Air Massage: 46 Air Bags
  • Advanced Technology: New foot roller massager, Infrared body scan technology, Thai body stretching massage technique, S-Track three-dimensional technology
  • Warranty: 3 years

Why should choose this massage chair?

With the use of Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chairyou will step in to the world of relaxation and complete comfort. The Zero Gravity design of this chair enables the chair to place your body in the least stress position by keeping your legs elevated above your heart with spine placed horizontally. This reduced stress position gives you creative comfort. Apart from that the new addition of foot rollers give your feet muscles a complete relief from pain and tiredness. Not only are these but you can enjoy many other health advantages with use of the massage chair.

Relaxing Massage Therapies & Advanced Technology for Greater Comfort

New Foot Roller Massage

The Osaki OS-7075R features a new foot roller massager that works with air bag massage to give complete relieving massage for your foot. The roller massager is placed under feet soles and this therapy makes your feet feel a whole lot better.

Infrared Body Scan Technology

Before massage therapy begins, the infrared body scan technology enables the chair to scan human body parts and thus the chair will customize massage accordingly for each user.

New Thai Body Massage

Traditional Thai body stretching massage technique is used that gives your spine and legs a relaxing smoothness.

Adjustable Air Massage

The massage chair includes 46 air bags that are located at different parts including head, arms, shoulders, legs, thighs, hands and feet. The air massage improves blood circulation and massages lower part of your body. User can even adjust the intensity of air massage between three levels ranging from low to high.

Pelvis & Hip Massage

The outer hip and waist region of your body gets a deep massage therapy with air bags located on these parts. The therapy gives gentle twists to your hip muscles and loosens tight muscles. This mode relaxes your pelvis and lower body muscles with stretching.

Outer Shoulder Massage

The massagers for outer shoulder are set separate from others. These massagers are adjusted vertically in order to fit different types of human bodies.

Hand & Arm Massage

The massage chair gives relieving massage for your arms with hands and wrists. Arms are kept comfortably with pivoting arms in the chair even in back reclined position.

Osaki OS-7075R Heating Massage Chair
Osaki OS-7075R Heating Massage Chair
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Leg & Calf Massage

The chair automatically adjusts according to length of legs in order to make sure that massage air bags give pressure on right areas. The chair has multiple air bags located in foot and calf region that gives you a nourishing massage.

Head Air Massage

This is a bonus feature in Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY, S-Track, Total Heating Massage ChairThere exists an air back band located around the area of forehead. This band gives similar squeezing effect of a hand gentle pressing down your head.

Special Neck Massage

The neck massage is designed to focus on relieving stress on tsubo points of your neck.

Heating Massage

The chair features expansive heating massage system that targets your vital muscles area throughout.

Flexible & User-Friendly Design/Structure

Sync Movement Design

The chair is designed on the basis of fall to sleep principle. Your body will be placed in appropriate posture for massage even when the backrest is completely lowered. The armrest will be adjusted automatically too.

Quad Roller System

It is based on quad roller system with S-Track three-dimensional technology. This system maps your body structure and then emits moderate amount of pressure to different body parts.

6 Preset Healthcare Programs

The chair is enriched with 6 different auto programs that offer unique preset massage forms.

13 Powerful Motors

The chair operation is supported with 13 powerful motors that work independently to support each function of the chair. This independent functionality gives you more durability and reliable operation of motors for years.

Vertical Massage Extra Long Range

Usually massage chairs have a vertical motion range or 29 or 30 inches but this one has 31 inches range that enables massage therapy to reach your tailbone as well. The range is even wider than its peer model Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

Zero Gravity

This feature puts your body in a position where it could be absolutely comfortable with elevated legs above heart and spine in horizontal plain and could get a deeper therapy.

Easy to use Remote Control

The remote control is conveniently placed on the right armrest and is mounted flush towards the surface. You can easily operate all the functions with this remote. You can also lift the remote for improved visibility.

Maximum User Weight

The maximum weight of the user that this chair can support is around 265 pounds.


Along with the great features of this massage chair, there are some other advantages that this chair offers for its users.

  • Long vertical motions massage range of 31 inches.
  • It features roll casters wheels that ensures greater ease of moving.
  • The product is approved by UL, CE, FDA, ISO 9002 and ETL.
  • It has a Rock Solid warranty of 3 years for parts and labor by manufacturer.


The only shortcoming of this chair is that it is heavy and could not be carried however moving is easier with roll caster wheels appointed.

Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair
Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair
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No doubt that the list of features of the Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY, S-Track, Total Heating Massage Chair is quite long and all these features offered with this price tag makes it a fantastic massage chair. Not only it is affordable but is known for its high performance and healthy results. Moreover the manufacturer’s warranty gives you worry free relaxing massage therapies for years without costing your additional money. So if the specifications and price tag suits you, this chair once adopted will surely become a significant and soothing part of your everyday routine life.

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