When you will be looking for a massage chair that offers impressive health benefits, you would always find the massage chairs by Osaki brand and the Osaki OS3000 Chiro Massage Chair is one of the leading models by the manufacturers. It is a new edition massage chair and is known to have the longest roller massage tracks of 36 inches which is industry beating. Apart from that there are a number of great features that heal and relax your aching muscles and help you get re-energized after a long hard working day. Let us have a closer look on each of these specifications of this chair.

Osaki OS 3000 Chiro Massage Chair
Osaki OS 3000 Chiro Massage Chair
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Osaki OS 3000 Specifications

  • Machine Weight: 400 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Air Massage: 16 Air Bags
  • 6 Massage Styles: Tapping, Swedish, shiatsu, dual action and UNIQ buttock rolling massage
  • 5 Auto Preset Programs
  • 36 inch longest roller track
  • Auto Recline: 180 degrees to a flatbed position
  • Key Features: S-Track Moveable Intelligent Massage Robot, UNIQ Massage Style, Computer body scan, Chromotherapy Lighting
  • Warranty: 3 years

Why should choose this massage chair?

With varied options of each product available in market these days, it has become even tougher to select one. In order to choose the best one, people look for competitive advantage of products that make them stand out in the industry in comparison to other brands/models. One of those factors for the Osaki OS3000 Chiro Massage Chair is that it has the longest roller massage track of 36 inches. Not only that but it boasts new dimension therapies for your gluts and buttock parts of the body. Intelligent S-track movable massage robot with quad rollers, body scanning and Chromotherapy features makes it an excellent choice for people looking for an effective personalized massage therapy experience with convenience of sitting at their home or offices.

Osaki OS 3000 Features

This stylish modern designed massage chair gives all the value to the money you spend for buying it and this can be easily analyzed by looking at the great features that this model offers for users.

Innovative Design Features for Greater Comfort:

S-Track Moveable Intelligent Massage Robot

This is an excellent technology incorporated in the Osaki massage chair. This feature enables the chair to adjust according to the human spine and intelligently work over the upper and lower back regions of the body. The S-Track covers your whole back and little adjustments are made during massage. The massage chair with this customization can heal your trouble areas including shoulders, neck and lumbar that are usually difficult to deal with ordinary chairs. You will find your massage session with the chair a unique experience.

Flatbed Position

Usually you will find massage chairs to have recline of around 170 degrees but there is further improved by offering a recline of 180 degrees to a flatbed position to replicate an inversion massage therapy type.

Automatic Recline

With the press of a button, your chair can be automatically reclined. You can get your desired position by independently setting the backrest and leg positions.

Leg Adjustment

The foot part of this chair is appointed with a spring action track. This track applies pressure and extends out. Thus your feet will be massaged at all times during session with advanced air massage.


The massage chair has default shut-off time of 15 minutes. User can set the time from 5-30 minutes.

Width Control

With some massage modes, you can control width from wide to narrow.

Redesigned Remote

This model has a newly designed remote that is slim and would fit perfectly in your palm. All the functions are clearly mentioned and bright LED display gives completely clear information.

Maximum User Weight

The maximum weight that this chair can accommodate for a user is 265 pounds which is similar to that offered with Osaki OS-7075R ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair.

Use of Advanced Technology

Body Scan Technology

Before the massage session begins, the chair will automatically carry out a body scan in order to find the starting point and length of your back. Thus a customized massage for your muscles will be applied.

Chromotherapy Lighting

The chair has LED lighting on both sides that help you relax in dim lights or dark area. When it is activated, you will be able to see a soothing blue light in surrounding area.

Osaki Os3000
Osaki Os3000
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Varied Massage Styles & Preset Programs for Relaxation:

6 Massage Styles

This is another important factor to consider when choosing your best massage chair. The Osaki OS 3000 Chiro features six different styles of massage including tapping, Swedish, shiatsu, dual action and UNIQ buttock rolling massage.

5 Auto Preset Programs

This product gives you 5 preset automatic massage programs while there is option for manual settings as well where you can set up your personal massage.

UNIQ Massage Style

This massage is designed exclusively to focus on your thighs and buttocks area. This mode would massage below your hips and your thigh area. The chair will be reclined completely backwards and in this position you will be able to enjoy imperative massage pressure on the specified body parts.

Classic I Style

This massage style combines tapping and kneading focusing on area from neck to buttocks.

Classic II Style

With the use of rolling and tapping, the massage therapy will be applied on middle to lower back area of your body.


This auto preset program massages your neck region along with upper back portion.


The calves and feet region is focused with this air massage therapy.

Intensity of Air Massage

User can also adjust intensity of air massage with remote between 5 different levels from weak to strong. It has 16 air bags located at different areas giving air pressure massage to varied regions of your body.

Intensity Pad (Removable)

There exists a backrest intensity pad located in the back and you can easily remove it in order to increase massage intensity.

Vibration Massage (seat and leg)

The chair also offers features vibration massage plates in the seat and in calves back that gives you a relaxing mild massage.


  • The 36 inch longest roller track that reaches all your body muscles during massage chair which may not be possible with other chairs.
  • Flatbed position with 180 degrees recline.
  • 6 massage styles and 5 preset programs with varied options.
  • Intensity and width can be controlled in certain modes.
  • Sleek designed easy to use remote control.
  • Chromotherapy Lighting, a popular feature that is lacking in other chairs within similar price range.
  • Affordable price in comparison to some high end expensive chairs.
  • The manufacturers offer 3 years limited Rock Solid parts and labor warranty.


The only drawback we could found of this chair is that it is not a lightweight product and thus carrying it from one place to another would not be easy.

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair
Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair
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With great length, advanced technology, impressive features and a budget-friendly price tag, the Osaki OS 3000 Chiro Massage Chair becomes one of the leading competitors in the industry. In this price range, it is one of the best massage chairs with S-Track intelligent massage robot, body scan technology, seat vibration, air massage and much more. Moreover the design is quite stylish that would make your space look even more elegant and beautiful. It is surely a more humanistic massage approach with scientific advancements.

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