The iRobotics i7 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the perfect option when you are ready to go and take the dive into a new massage chair. Whether you are brand new to purchasing a massage chair or you have gotten some in the past but you are tired of how quickly they seem to break or stop working, this massage chair is the right choice for you.

While the price point may seem a bit high when it comes to massage chairs, you are going to love all the options that come with this particular chair. There are 9 massage choices that you can make to get the perfect massage each and every time. Instead of dealing with a remote that can easily get lost, you can use the touch screen or even your own voice to let the chair know how to get started. In addition, this chair has the memory to hold up to 5 personal preferences so that you are able to get the best massage possible while others in your home use the chair as well.

This is a great massage chair for those who want to have options and are ready to get one of the very best massage chairs on the market.

iRobotics i7 Pros

9 massage choices

If you are looking for a chair that provides a lot of options in great massages, this is the chair that will fit all your needs. Unlike some of the other massage chairs that offer just a few options to you, this one is going to offer up to 9 massage choices that are already programmed onto your massage chair. Whether you want a nice and rough massage to really work out those muscles or you just want something nice and soft to help you to get relaxed, you are going to have all the options available in no time.

No remote

With this massage chair, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the remote or what you will do if the remote all of a sudden disappears. This massage chair has a touch screen located with it. Now you can just push some buttons to get it all set up and you can pick from all the different massage choices with just a push of the screen, or even using your own voice in whatever language you choose.

Responds to your voice

As mentioned above, there are no remotes when it comes to this massage chair. Instead, you get to use the handy screen to get all your massages started. If you are too tired to look up the information to get the massage started, it is possible to even use your voice to get this chair moving. It will respond to the human voice and it is set up to respond to a few different languages so it does not matter where you are when using the chair.

5 people can customize their experience and save it

Most massage chairs won’t let you save your personal settings. You are required to remember what type of massage that you enjoyed the last time so that you can put it in the next time in case someone else has used the chair in your absence. But with this massage chair, you will be able to personalize how you would like your massage to be and the chair will remember this information. In addition, up to 5 people in your home can put their personalization into the chair to have it saved for the next time. Now you won’t have to fight to keep the chair at the perfect zone; you can just push a few buttons before sitting back and relaxing.

Relaxing enough to fall asleep in

This massage chair is meant to help you to fall asleep because you are so relaxed. Whether you are using the 3D roller in order to just get out a few kinks in particular parts of the body or you want to work out the whole body, you will find that this massage chair is going to help you to relax yourself almost to sleep. Don’t worry if you fall asleep in this chair though. The comfortable design and the nice reclining option allow you to take a nice nap, or sleep throughout the whole night, and wake up refreshed the next morning.

iRobotics i7 Cons

Price point is higher than other massage chairs in the market

If you are looking to be price conscious with your massage chair options, you may have to pick a different chair. This massage chair is quite a bit more expensive compared to many of the other massage chairs that are on the market. But you are going to get so much more for the money. For the price, you are going to have a sturdy new massage chair that can last for a long time while the others are falling apart and the options are going to allow you to get in a great massage no matter what time of day. If you are more worried about budget than functionality, then this is not the chair for you. But if you want something that can last for a long time and works amazingly, this is the massage chair for you.

Can be bulky

This is a bulky chair. It is meant to work as a type of bed for some people who need a great massage to help them fall asleep if they have difficulties with this. Because of all the great options that come with this massage chair, it can seem really bulky. It is best to find one place for this chair, the bedroom may be nice if you plan to use this to help you fall asleep at night, and then just leave the chair there.

Too many options that don’t work well

Sometimes having all of the best new technology can make things difficult. There are times when one part of the chair may not work as well as it is supposed to because the manufacturer had to work on so many other part. Some customers have been worried that some parts of their massage chair were not working as well as they would have liked.


If you have tried out a lot of massage chairs in the past and they just didn’t seem to provide the kind of massage that you have been looking for, this is the one for you. It is going to provide you with an amazing massage in just a few minutes and with the customizable options, you and everyone in your family will be able to sit back and relax in this chair without having to change the settings. While the price point is much higher than many other massage chairs that are on the market, this one from iRobotics is a great option if you don’t want to worry about having to purchase a new massage chair each month because it breaks and if you want something with a ton of options. Overall, it is a great chair and has all of the newest technology to help you to feel relaxed in no time.

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