Many of you may have desire for an effective massage on regular basis but may not have time to visit massage therapists quite often or might do not wish to break your money banks on buying a massage chair or may be worried about space that a huge chair may consume? If any one of these is your worry, then you would find the HT Massage Chair iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair an ideal choice massage chair. This chair not only is affordable in price and compact in size but is appointed with some advanced technologies for redefined wellness massage. Within minutes, your entire stress will be relieved with these innovative chairs.

iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair
iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair
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Human Touch iJoy Specifications

  • Dimensions: 40 x 29 x 36 inches
  • Machine Weight: 60 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 285 lbs
  • 3 Preset Programs: Relieving your neck/shoulders, refreshing your back muscles or releasing your lower back muscles
  • 4 Massage Techniques: Rolling, kneading, percussion and compression
  • Key Features: Patented Human Touch Technology, Massage Softening Pad, Safety Lock for Children
  • Warranty: 2 years

Why should choose this massage chair?

The Human Touch Massage Chair iJoy Massage Chair has a lower price tag but this sleek chair is packaged with advance technologies that you may find with any other high-end massage chair. The therapeutic techniques of massage are featured in this robotic chair with its patented Human Touch Technology. These therapies rejuvenate your energy and soothe your muscles and joints giving you more relaxation in your entire body. With this chair, users can enjoy a varied combination of different massage techniques including kneading, compression, rolling and percussion. Choosing this massage chair would take away stress and tension from your everyday routine life.

Features and Specifications

This iJoy 2.1 model massage chair is the most suitable option for your room where its sleek black/espresso contrasting stylish look with advanced robotic functions would add more perfection and style. Soon you will be able to kick out stress from your life and your whole body will be overjoyed with effective relaxation. Some of the features of this chair that would help you achieve this include:

3 Revitalizing Preset Massage Programs

The Chair is designed to suit needs of all users. You get different options/auto programs with this massage chair which includes relieving your neck/shoulders, refreshing your back muscles or releasing your lower back musclesYou can choose the one that you find need of with focus on that specific body part. All these three programs offer actions similar to iJoy-2580 Robotic and are set for a time frame of 15 minutes full body massage.

  • Relieve Neck and Shoulders – This program is automatically set with a series of functions that offer a complete 15 minutes revitalizing massage for your neck and shoulders relieving tension on your upper back and giving you a completely energized body.
  • Refresh Entire Back –This automatic massage program is specially designed to refresh your entire back and gives your body rejuvenation.
  • Release Lower Back – This reenergizing massage for your lower back will completely heal any aching lower back muscles and is ideal to relax body after a complete day of hard work.

4 Massage Techniques

The HT Massage Chair iJoy 2 Massage Chair gives you an exclusive range of professional massage techniques of 4 different types. These are the techniques adopted by professional expert therapists for therapeutic relief of stress and pain. These techniques include rolling, kneading, percussion and compression.

Range Control

The user can customize and control range of varied functions including kneading and compression location. The options include full, lower, upper as well as manual. You can set range of massage according to your preference and need.

Patented Human Touch Technology

The chair is designed with a patented mechanism called Human Touch Technology that functions similar to the working of wrists and arms. Moreover there exists hand massage rollers that enables for a three dimensional massage. The entire combination of this mechanism gives this robotic massage chair a completely human massage touch and feel. This system is reported to be the most advanced robotic mechanism available today.

Human Touch iJoy Reclining Massage Chair
Human Touch iJoy Reclining Massage Chair
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Massage Softening Pad (Removable)

For all those who have aching muscles and are looking for some deep soothing massage that would penetrate energy deep in to your tissues of muscles, this chair would not only soothe your muscles but would complete energize your body. You can even control the intensity of massage given by this chair with the help of removable massage softening pad.

Safety Lock for Children

An important feature of this massage chair is the child safety lock that would keep your little children safe with this massage chair in house.

Controller Storage

You can easily store corded controller with complete easy access within your reach.

Maximum User Weight

The maximum weight capacity of this massage chair is 285 pounds.


Some of the other advantages that the users can take benefit of with this HT Massage Chair iJoy2310 Massage Chair include:

  • The chair is really light weight in comparison to other massage chairs and can be easily moved.
  • Moreover there are wheels appointed under the chair for improved mobility.
  • Armrests are padded for increased user comfort.
  • Backrest can be manually reclined up to 150 degrees.
  • Faux Leather & Soft suede cover can be easily taken care of.
  • Durable construction releases you from maintenance cost.
  • Price is really reasonable in comparison to some expensive massage chairs available in market.
  • The product is backed by 2 years warranty by manufacturers.


Apart from all the features and benefits of this massage chair, there exist some shortcomings of this product reported by users.

  • Many of the users find the size of the chair to be quite small. So if you are tall with height more than 5.5 feet than you may not find this chair appropriate for you.
  • Users also think that they would prefer if it had reclined for legs. Although you can recline your back but there is nothing for legs.
  • Some but not many have reported that the seat is a bit uncomfortable.
  • The height of the chair from the ground is too low.
iJoy Robotic Massage Chair
iJoy Robotic Massage Chair
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Whether you wish to have your massage partner at home, in office or at the dorm, you will find the HT Massage Chair iJoy 2 Massage Chair to fit in any of these or other place perfectly well. This chair would soon become your instant relaxation package that gives you comfortable massage therapies with less money spared, time consumed and space occupied. This technologically innovative design chair has all the luxurious features and would add perfect wellness to your lifestyle with complete joy.

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