Looking for a comfortable reasonably priced massage chair that gives you a balanced massage with complete relaxation during modern fast pace of life, the SPECIAL!!!! 2019 BEST VALUED MASSAGE CHAIR is a perfect choice for you. It comes with improved massage techniques that give you a relaxing therapy for your arms, shoulders, back and other aching areas of your body. This non robotic massage chair is designed with latest zero gravity positioning and you get a variety of different functions that we will discuss in the preceding sections of this review. Impressive design, easy to use controls along with built-in massage features makes this chair one of the most luxurious yet affordable choices for users.

Best Valued Massage Chair
Best Valued Massage Chair
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Best Valued Massage Chair Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Recline: 170 degree recline
  • Air Massage: 48 Air Bags
  • 4 Auto Programs
  • 4 Types of Massage: Shiatsu, Kneading, Spinal Rolling and Vibrating Massage
  • Key Features: 3D body scanning, Heat therapy for back,  “S” Type Ergonomic Straight chair back with 2 layers of neck padding
  • Warranty: 3 years on frame/ 1 year on parts

Why should choose this massage chair?

This massage chair offers a range of different benefits that compels you on choosing to buy one for yourself. This chair comes with improved acupressure massage technique for arms along with built-in air massage for your shoulders. If you have aching back, its heat therapy would prove to be the best healing therapy for this pain. Not only it has amazing programs and massage features but all of these are super easy to use. The entire structure and design of the chair makes it super-friendly. Completely balanced position is ensured according to your body size with its auto body scanning feature. All these and other features ensure that you get a massage therapy similar to the one that you can get at a spa by a professional with convenience of sitting at home or office.

Impressive Massage Therapies & Advance Technology

Multi-Area Uninterrupted Body Massage

With this massage chair you get improved acupressure massage for your arms along with a built-in air massage for your entire shoulder area. The chair has 48 air bags appointed at different areas that offer an impressive massage for your back and other areas of the body. You can get 5 to 30 minutes massage according to your own choice. 14 different combinations of massages are available with this chair and you can choose a program that suits you best.

Massage Types

4 different massage therapies are offered with this chair including Shiatsu, Kneading, Spinal Rolling and Vibrating Massage. Power rollers are used with this chair to give you a professional massage for your stressed and paining muscles. It doesn’t only re-energize your body but also works well on your mind. Kneading is most effective for reduction of pain in your aching muscles. With rolling massage, you get a fixed point therapy up and down your body that feels like a finger revolving professional massage. Vibrating massage is appointed at the cushion of your seats that helps you in getting rid of toxins and impurities from your body tissues, blood and organs and makes you feel great.

Speed Options

All the massage programs have three different speed options that user can control depending upon their preferences.

Heat Therapy

A built-in heat therapy is offered with this massage chair that gives you a relaxing massage for your aching back problems.

3D body scanning

As you begin to have massage therapy on this chair, it scans your entire body and takes measurements for a customized body massage for your structure.

Best Valued Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Best Valued Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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Comfortable and convenient to use design

Zero Gravity Positioning

This feature gives user a comfortably balanced position so you will get no stress and will be able to make most out of the therapies that this chair offers. Elevated leg position and a complete support for back gives you a great massage.

Humanized Relaxation and Comfort

This S-Type ergonomic straight chair back appointed with padding over neck.

Multi-Posture Reclining Massage

Better circulation of blood is ensured with reclining up to 170 degrees similar to that of the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

Easy to use Auto & Manual Programs

The design of this chair has improved illuminated design that gives you 4 auto programs. All the functions are simple to use and remote control gives you all the details of these programs along with information on massage hands width, position of massage and more. Modes can be manually controlled.

Designed for Complete Safety

If the feet rest begins to move down and touches any obstacle or pets or children it will automatically stop in order to ensure complete safety of others around it.

Ease of Movement

Bottom back of the chair has wheels that ensure ease of movement.

Maximum User Weight

This chair is capable of handling a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.


Frame of this chair is backed by a 3 years warranty whereas all other parts have a 1 year warranty.


  • Design that scans your body structure and offers you a completely customized relaxing massage therapy.
  • Multi-area body massage and varied therapies give you amazing health benefits.
  • Manual and auto settings of programs ensure a unique and personalized massage experience.
  • Safe and durable construction backed by 3 years warranty.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds more than average weight requirement.
  • 170 degree auto reclining feature keeps your body in most comfortable position.


  • Leg recline is preset that doesn’t give you choice of lifting leg independently.
  • A roller function that is found with other high-end massage chairs at the bottom of feet is missing here.
Best Valued Massage Chair by Ideal Massage
Best Valued Massage Chair by Ideal Massage
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Overall this simple to use and easy to maintain leather material massage chair not only just looks good but it gives you amazing massage therapies. All the components of its structure are durable and thus you don’t need to worry much about its wear and tear. With an affordable price tag, you get the best appearance, impressive durability and complete comfort. You can enjoy a completely relaxing customized head to toe massage similar to a professional massage at a spa.

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